Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hawaiians Have More Fun

 They are having waaay too much fun. 

The new ama for Tarawa is just about finished.  The six struts are epoxied deep inside and two coats of paint have been applied.  I've decided to take Russ Brown's advice and skip the undercoat.   Undercoats don't flow out so you either have to spray them on or end up sanding most of them away to smooth them.  In this country West epoxy is half the price per liter of a good undercoat, so it's more economical to keep applying resin until you have a fair and smooth surface.  Looks good too.

My wife and I are off to Fiji for the next three weeks.  We will see how well our Tamanu survived the massive hurricane they had there a few months ago.  Hopefully we'll snag some big fish outside the reef too.


  1. Gary, on the Tarawa ama: I'm curious as to what kind of displacement you end up with, as well as length and max diameter. Thanks.

  2. Gary,

    Besides time and cost, I would think skipping an undercoat could save on weight.

    Even if it doesn't - saying it 'might' save weight is always a good boating argument.


  3. I'm away from home for another week, so I can't get you that data until I return from Fiji.