Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tarawa, Out of the Shed

I'm working out how much 4mm Spectra line I'll need for the stays and the shunting lines.  I'm going to set up a "spinnaclaw" rig and as far as I know, no one has published anything about using it. 

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  1. hi gary glad to see still at it .always looking at your site,every time isee apik of the water in front of your house , brings back memories of my trip there.
    on the subject of shunting, arig tha worked for me was abeach cat sloop Hobie 16 for my 22ft peoa
    mast mounted in middle forstay was side stay ,to outrigger
    side stays became forestays
    sitting thus ,at rest mast 90 degrees to length,when sheeting in mast rotator kept mast 45 degrees to travel sheet blocks atached to continous line traveller to leward of mast.
    it was an easy matter to transfer sheet blocks from one end to other.
    now the jib, 2 old cat jibs battons rsmoved leach holled out [no need for battens now].
    these were mounted to cheap roller furlers on ends o\f new forestays[the h16 side stays]
    the sheet was single connected to bothe clews in such away that when u pulled on the new end of the sheet the furler actuator ropes connected to each other would furl out one and furl in the other.
    gary this worked well , allowed me to use my 16 mast main , rigging , baught 2 old jibs plus 2 cheap furlers & bits n pieces
    being a furler & not a reefer [either in or out] they eare alot cheeper
    hope this was interesting &someone might use it.\
    this really worked we sailed around our club offshore course weather leward &wing marks.
    we had great fun untill we were dumed on a reef in lrge waves