Friday, May 12, 2017

Canoe Racks With Tin Roofs


  1. I used something like that for my outrigger, which used cheap pine strapping with heavy polytarp stapled/screwed over it. Worked well and never blew off the boat with one or two simple lashings. I then took a mast-blank cut for my old proa crabclaw rig, and attached a tarp strip to go over the ama (which needs protection since the ama is built like a decked boat hull). The cross-beams did take some beating from the sun, though.

    Then I got too smart and built a more rugged one out of 1/4 inch exterior fir plywood, with a slight camber to shed rain better (the problem of the simple tarp version was rain shedding). This works well but is rather heavy when I want to slide it off.

    I want to go back to a light tarp version, but one with a camber in the supporting wood straps. But this tin roof topic gets me to thinking I could make something pretty light out of that plastic corrugated shed-roofing material one can buy around here.

  2. HI Wade,
    I use white plastic corrugated material over my dry canoe outdoor storage here in California. The sun is so hot that it half melts the material so that it changes shape and wraps around the hull. Well sort of acceptable. Be careful with transparent corrugated material. I had it cover my fiberglass amas, the material acted as a concentrator and melted 1" deep grooves into the fiberglass/syrofoam amas, what a mess. I had to saw off the part and rebuilt the damaged section.

    Greetings from California

  3. OK! Thanks for the info. Corrugated plastic is now out, as I plan to use foam-glass amas.