Friday, September 8, 2017

What We Should Be Doing

For most of the last ten years we have taken a short flight up to Fiji where I have my Tamanu stored under a friends house.  A few hours to clean it up and put it back together and we're off for a couple weeks of exploring and trolling for those delicious Spanish Mackerel.   This year Rose has had surgery on her shoulder and won't be doing anything too active for a few more months.  So we'll be staying at home until next season when I'll be trialing a new lug sail made out of an old sail.


  1. Best wishes for Rose's speedy recovery Gary.

  2. Sorry to hear the bad news! Always looked forward to your Fiji report.

  3. Hi Gary!
    I am discovering your great blog. I just moved to Suva, and I am wondering where I could learn to sail on traditional outrigger boats. Do you know any school/club, or maybe just boat owners/builders in Fiji who could help me to find?
    All the best!

  4. I would contact either of these organizations, there should be someone who knows.

  5. Also contact this guy: