Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ulua For Sale In NZ

Michael Coonrod has an Ulua for sale at Lake Wanaka in the South Island of New Zealand.
The hull is made of Kahikatea and Red Cedar. The decks have Totara and Kahikatea. It's set up with a stub mast rig for windsurfer sails. The boom was made for windsurfer sails, and any windsurfer sail can be adapted to fit this rig. This is the high wind sail, but it has two others that could go with the boat if wanted as well. It can also be sold with a 2HP mercury. 
Contact Michael at:

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  1. Hi Gary,

    I've watched your blog for many years now and have taken inspiration from it.
    I have a background in Permaculture and as a result I don't like seeing things go to waste. Some years ago I learned that Australian surfboats are thrown away when a new model comes out and this results in a terrible waste.
    Because I'd been interested in sailing outriggers for quite some time I decided to convert an old surfboat into a sailing outrigger and my blog details this journey:
    The project is now complete and yo can see our firs sail at:
    I'm happy for you to share my blog and video on your sailing outrigger blog.