More Fiji Youth Training

These young men and women from Ovalau and Moturiki spent 5 days learning the art of sailing, paddle making and how to paddle in the first ever community based run workshop at Leleuvia Island Resort.  This short video demonstrate that the DNA of sailing is very much ingrained in us as people of the sea. This camakau or outrigger sailing canoes will be used for:
1. Patrolling of marine protected areas - more often poachers run away at the sound of approaching outboard engines, with the camakau they can be caught red handed.
2. Eco tourism - income generating for villages
3. Sustainable sea transport between island or to the farm- using wind and paddles. In island communities farmers get to walk a distance to get to the farm, which may be on the other side of the island, using this, they can sail or paddle there catching fish as an added incentive
4. Economic Empowerment - there is more disposable income for the villages and families. The taking of fuel on credit is discouraged and the poverty cycle broken
5. Island Workshop - established island training schools and the revival of traditional sailing and canoe making
In terms of Sustainable Fisheries:
1. Zero carbon emissions
2. Less strain on Marine Resources as communities will no longer have to pay for fuel and therefore catch sizes will reduce considerably
3. Zero marine pollution (outboards emit up to 50% of unburnt fuel into the ocean)
4. Fishing can be done on a need to basis rather than only when fuel is available that will eliminate the "catch as much as possible attitude"
5. Reverting to paddling and sailing will assist in the health and wellbeing of communities plus go a long way to fighting the Pacific's #1 enemy - NCD's


  1. It seems to go very well as a shunting cat - looks like a very spacious and useful platform for all sorts of work. Paddle steering from the windward hull looks very effective too?

  2. Yes, they know how to paddle steer and they don't use the leeboard either so windward performance would be slightly reduced.


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