Caroline Islands Proa

A drawing from Admiral Paris's expedition through Micronesia 1826-29.  Larger ones 
were equipped with rudders, something not seen around most of the Pacific.


  1. Cool, what sort of rudders, like a quarter rudder that could change ends or 2 rudders? I never heard of this before.

  2. It's the curved foil in the middle of the drawing. I think they only used one and switched it end to end. There are photos of it being used but I don't have any at the moment.

  3. In this video at about 5:15 you can see a 'rudder' in use. These days they seem to be a straight plank with the 'tiller' projecting backwards toward the helmsman sat in the back. A line holds the top to the Vaka on the leeward side. The helmsman's foot pushes the board down for balance steering and trim is achieved with the 'tiller'. Puluwat and Satawal.


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