The Jester Class 32' Proa

Paddling Amas

Ama Switch

The Last Sailing Canoe of Mokil

Canoe Surfing Hawaiian Style

Drawings to Drool over

Wa'apas in Brazil

We Want Wave Clearance Clarence

Reef that Crab

Ulua in Brazil

Recycled Rigs

Va'a iti

Very Cool Proa Fleet

Ulua offshore in Western Australia

Buy This Book!

Jake in a Boat

Ulua getting Slammed

Maui Ulua

Perfect Foils

Tune that Ama

Tamanu in Hawaii

T2 in Oz

Ulua Safety Ama Crossbeam Design

A Big Paraw

Tamanu for Sale

Va'a Motu plans at last

Canoes of the Marshall Islands

Wa'apa by Vernon Clive