Saturday, November 22, 2008

A "Flying Proa" of the Popo type

This photo from Yap in the Western Caroline Islands in Micronesia shows the Popo design, one of a couple of variations used there. The hull is normally made of edge sewn planks on a dugout base. The hull is asymmetric with the leeward side flatter than the windward side. Steering is accomplished with either a paddle or a quarter rudder.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

How to Build a Timber Outrigger Canoe

Dug-out outrigger canoes, traditional fishing craft found from Madagascar in the west to Indonesia and the Pacific Islands in the east, are made from tree trunks of adequate diameter. But logs for construction of large canoes are becoming difficult to find and construction is consequently becoming more and more expensive. Dugout construction also wastes a lot of timber. For each dugout canoe, two or three planked canoes can be built. The Bay of Bengal Program undertook a project in Nias Island, Sumatra, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka to design and construct planked outrigger canoes that would provide an answer to the problems now being faced in building the traditional outrigger canoes.
You can download the plans and instructions for building this 7 hp diesel powered outrigger.