Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big Weekend in Savusavu, Fiji

 This past weekend, Savusavu in Fiji hosted the Fiji National Outrigger paddling Regatta.  Fiberglass OC6 canoes were racing but I was more interested in the sailing canoes that came from Rabi Island.  Rabi Island is populated with people from Banaba in Kiribati and their canoes are built in the Kiribati style.

 The 75' Uto-ni-Yalo, recently returned from a cruise through New Zealand and most of Polynesia was also in town for the week.
Savusavu is one of my favorite South Sea towns.  A well protected anchorage, wonderful people, good food and plenty of cold beer. Thanks to Leanne Hunter for the photographs.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eric Lyon's "Seaweed"

Eric Lyon designed and built the 32' "Seaweed" for cruising in British Columbia.  The box section hull can sleep two adults inside.  Curved crossbeams lead to a diamond box section ama filled with foam.  Eric is still deciding about the sailing rig.  Most likely a tacking lug rig will be used, or a cambered Chinese lug if I can talk him into it.