Monday, December 31, 2012

T2 by Paul Sobon

Paul Sobon's T2 proa PROAZAK at the Jersey shore.
Installing the hinge between the first and second deck boards allows the platform to swing up while the rig is up. This allows one to stand between the iakos and lift the whole boat at the balance point of the vaka and ama, which is about 10 inches outboard of the gunwale. The whole boat, sails, oars, paddles, etc. is about 150 lbs. so single handed launching is straightforward.

The dimensions of the lashcap legs and the gunwale bracket risers add up to slightly less than the depth of the iako. The gap allows the stress generated by the iakos to be born by the lashings instead of the wooden fitttings. The lashings are checked periodically and tightened once or twice a season.

Paul decided to hinge the end of the oar stanchion after two mishaps. He uses two oars when singlehanding. Twice, when sailing fast in rough conditions, the stowed non-steering oar bounced into the water. The pressure on the oar produced enough torque to tear the stanchion off the boat. Alarming to say the least.

And yes, it all fits on the roof racks.  Lots more photos and details here.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wa'apa in Luebeck, Germany


From Christian Glockl:
"I built this 24ft-version using your plans and paddled it first in 2010. The year after that I spend equipping the "Nukunonu" with sails ... unfortunately my budget was kind of low and I wasn't too sure about my abilities of making a sail, so I took what I could get - a too stiff windsurfing sail, a mast that was too small and a small sail from a kayak. All in all the sailing abilities weren't too good, but I'm going to improve on that the coming year, especially as Johannes (the one that wrote about is Wa'apa rig on wheels) gave me some advice of how to do it.

Apart from that I'm really proud of my Wa'apa. In 2010 some friends and I did a 500-mile paddle tour with 4 persons and a lot of luggage in it down the river "Elbe" - and made it to tell the story. I'm hoping to find the time to build hollow-box Iakos and a new rig this year."

Friday, December 14, 2012

Jzerro, A Seriously Good Proa

Russell Brown has made a few rigging tweaks to his Jzerro and now it sails even better.

I took these photos almost 10 years ago when Jzerro was hauling out in Auckland, NZ.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kitewing Ice

This video has been up for several years but it's worth another look at a close relative to our winged proas.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Big Stretch

If you decide halfway through your Ulua project that you'd rather have a 27'er rather than the standard 18'er, then do like Jim Richard did and stretch it with a surgical implant amidships.