Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wa'apa Rig on Wheels

A letter from Germany:
Dear Gary,
Instead of boatbuilding pictures here are some of a few sails we made for Beachsailing!
Your book was a great help. There isn't much literature on sailmaking, in German we actually didn't find any.

The Pictures were taken on Römö, a sandy island on the westcoast of Denmark, which is 3,5 hours from our hometown.

The big white sail has 7,5sq m, it's great for low to ultra-low winds:a whisper on your face and you start going!
The orange one has 2sq m, made for the heavy breeze. Top-speed was 62,5km/h (38,5mph), about two times windspeed. It has also a good size at lower wind for children to practise.
The intermediate white one has 3,5s qm. It almost runs the speed of the (much more expensive) hightech-sails of a similar size.
All are made of Polytarp, not common for sailmaking here, with our trusty old sewing machine.
Maybe a sailing canoe will follow someday....
Greetings from Lübeck, Germany: Bernhard and Johannes 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wa'apa by Dave Carter

Dave Carter in Illinois recently launched his 16' Wa'apa after 162 hours of labor.  He wrote:
"I did have a couple of other sailors on the lake ask about the canoe.  I was passing everyone on the lake so they were wanting to see what I was sailing.  It was their first experience of seeing an outrigger sailing canoe in person."

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Desesparado in Panama

Chris Grill has sailed his stretched T2 all the way from Vera Cruz Mexico to Panama.  His blog from the beginning of the voyage could be a classic of seafaring literature.